How to repair kitchen sink pipes

November 10, 2011

Repair kitchen sink pipe

Usually kitchen makes our home attractive. In the kitchen, apart from interior design, there’s another important thing, which is kitchen sink and its drainage system. The drainage system must work properly for unobstructed water drainage from the sinks. The sinks may be of different designs and varieties but the drain system for all of them is similar.

A perfect drain system is a must for a neat and clean kitchen. All sink drain system would need repairing after some time of its setting. This is due to blockage in the drain pipes by some food residues washed away while washing the utensils.

It generally consists of drain flange, tailpiece, trap and drain extension. The repairing is done with the help of following tools.

Difficulty level: Moderately easy

Time required: It varies from person to person.

Estimated cost: NA

Resources required:

Bucket, adjustable wrenches or pipe wrenches, replacement for drain assembly.


First of all before repairing pipes, water supply to the sink pipes must be stopped.

After that place the bucket down the drain assembly of kitchen sink for collecting the leaking water from drain pipes. Then fix adjustable wrench or pipe wrench over the coupling of drain extension with trap pipe. Now rotate the wrench in counterclockwise to loosen the coupling. Also remove the connection of drain extension from wall. Collect the leaking water from there in bucket and then remove the drain extension pipe from coupling with trap pipe and drain the remaining water in that pipe into the bucket.

Now fix the wrench over the threaded coupling which connects trap pipe with the tailpiece pipe and then twist it again in counterclockwise. Then remove the Trap pipe also and discard it away. Now, place the wrench over the other end of tail piece pipe which is coupled with strainer body and loosen the coupling. The tail piece pipe is also removed and discarded. If necessary change that strainer body also with a new one.

After that fix the newly purchased tail piece pipe with the mouth of strainer body. With the gasket and washer connect the tail piece with the strainer body with a coupling and twist it clockwise tightly with the wrench. Then the other end of tailpiece is connected with a new Trap pipe by threaded coupling. Then tighten it with the wrench. Now the trap pipe is kept in contact with a new drain pipe and is connected by another coupling. This connection is also checked for tightness with wrench. At last, connect the another end of drain pipe with the wall for water drainage.

Quick tips

1. If the newly bought drain system pipes are long, cut according to the required length.

2. The couplings should be tightly twisted.

3. Use internally threaded pipes.

Things to watch out for

1. Allow water to flow through sink pipes and check if there is any leakage.

2. If there is leakage, wind the thread in the threaded pipe and apply fusing solution over the thread and tighten the couplings with the wrench strongly.

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